About Us

Curious, creative, and passionate about protecting IP

Hill & Schumacher is a modern IP firm based in Toronto with a focus on the protection of high tech IP. Our expertise lies in working closely with startups, entrepreneurs, scientists and tech transfer professionals to develop clear and actionable IP strategies and build strong and valuable IP portfolios from the ground up.

Founded in 1993, Hill and Schumacher has developed a reputation for deep technical excellence and a pragmatic approach to IP protection. We are creative IP professionals who approach the protection of IP with a natural curiosity and passion for learning. Our professionals have advanced degrees spanning several scientific and engineering disciplines. We are proud of our support staff that provides excellence in IP management, docketing and client communication.

We believe that a quality patent comes from a deep and thorough understanding of the underlying technology, the business goals, the industry, and the prior art. We believe that a quality trademark comes from a thorough understanding of the business, brand, and culture of a company. We work tirelessly with our clients to develop this understanding.

We are entrepreneurs that have experience within startups and thrive on engaging directly with clients as members of their team. Our clients choose us because we see the big picture and view IP as a strategic domain within an overall commercialization effort.

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Our Vision

 At Hill & Schumacher it is our goal to empower inventors and innovators by providing comprehensive and personalized patent services. We strive to be a trusted partner, guiding our clients through the patent process and maximizing the value and protection of their intellectual property.

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